Plaça Espanya-Montjüic

Plaça Espanya-Montjüic

Plaza de España (Square of Spain) Barcelona

Things You Should Know About Plaça Espanya-Montjüic Before Visiting Barcelona

Plaça Espanya-Montjüic Guide

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Plaça Espanya is one of the most popular squares in Barcelona. The square was built during the International Exposition on 1929 and it’s the second largest square in Spain (the first one is the ‘Plaza de España’ in Madrid).  

It’s one of the most popular places in Barcelona due to the Magic Fountain’s show and the spectacular views from the Montjuïc palace. 

Walk up to the top of the hill (towards the National catalan art museum) to get the beautiful panoramic view of the city. For people with some walking difficulty, don’t worry there are escalators in each level.

One of the most important Spanish exhibition center, ‘La Fira de Barcelona’, is located next to the square. Some of the most important word’s events are taking place there and the area may get very busy and crowded when there is an exhibition. Keep this in mind to make sure there isn’t any big events the day you decide to visit that area, since it may make your visit a bit less enjoyable. Check the Fira de Barcelona calendar.

How to get to Plaça Espanya?

Plaça Espanya is well connected to the centre of Barcelona. The closest station to the square is called ‘Pl. Espanya’ and connects with many trens and tube lines.

‘Las Arenas de Barcelona’ is a shopping center located next to the Plaça Espanya. The outside and inside of the building remain similar to the original construction as a bullfighting stadium. After the last bullfight in 1977, the building was not in use for over 30 years, until it was reconstructed and re-designed to become a commercial center in 2011.

The highlight of the shopping center is its rooftop, as it offers a 360-degree view of Plaça Espanya and Montjuïc. You can get up to the roof for free by using the stairs inside the shopping center. There is also a lift outside wich costs 1€. On the rooftop, there are a lot of restaurants and bars to relax when enjoying the view.

If you are thinking to do some shopping, keep in mind that all stores will be closed on Sunday. 

Las Arenas shopping center opening hours

2> Barcelona Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

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This regular fountain turns into a  wonderful show of water, lights and music at night time during weekends. It’s a great experience for both adults and kids and it’s for FREE!

It might get very crowded, so make sure you arrive 30 minutes earlier than the show starts to secure a nice spot. The show lasts 1 hour (taking some food and drinks with you may be a good option).

Magic Fountain Show Time

Before planning your trip, check that the fountains are in operation at the official website.

3> Museu Nacional de Arte de Catalunya (MNAC)

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The Montjuïc National Palace is located on the top of the hill. The building is very impressive both in size and architecture. Nowadays, it’s used as a museum (MNAC) and it has the world’s largest collection of Romanesque mural painting.  If you enjoy medieval or renaissance art, this place is for you! 

The views from the terrace of the museum are beautiful and it’s a good place to rest and have a snack. The price to get to the rooftop is only 2€.

MNAC Hours and Time

MNAC Ticket Price

Check any changes at the Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya official website.

→ Not a big fan of art? Still worth the visit! The exterior of the museum is stunning and it’s one of the best spots to take pictures of the city. 


4> Poble Espanyol - Pueblo Español de Barcelona ( Spanish Town)

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El Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Town) is an open space built on 1929 for the International exposition. The venue represents different towns of the Spanish geography, illustrating the cultural differences between regions in Spain, as well as the different architectural styles we can find across the country. 

It’s a very tourist attraction with plenty of souvenir shops. It may be a good plan for people who want to relax and do some shopping, otherwise it may feel as a tourist trap. 

Visit the Poble Espanyol official website.

5> Montjuïc Cable Car

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The Montjuic Telefèric is a hanging cable car that will take you to the top of the Montjuïc mountain.

It has two stops: the Montjuic Castle and the Montjuic lookout point.

The Montjuïc Castle is an old military fortress built on the top of the mountain. The entrance to the castle is 5€, but you can get in for free Sundays after 3pm, and every first Sunday of the month.

The Montjuïc Mirador (Montjuïc lookout point) is the highest stop of the cable car and stops next to Montjuïc’s green zones. It’s one oft he best viewpoints of the Barcelona city.  

The return ticket is 12,70€ and it can be bought at the ticket office. You can also buy it the same day online and save money.

What to see in barcelona - Montjuic cable

How to get to the Montjuic Cable Car?

The cable car starts about half way up the Montjuic hill, at the stop ‘Av. Miramar – Estació del Funicular’.

 If you are around the Montjuïc National Palace  (MNAC museum), the walk to the cable car will take you ~15 minutes.

If you are far from the area, the easiest way to get to the Montjuic Cable car is to take the tube line 3 to Paral·lel station and take the Montjuic Funicular, a train that will take you to the Montjuic mountain in just 2 minutes. Tube and train are connected via corridor so you won’t need to leave the station. The funicular is part of the public transport, you can use your T-casual or Hola BCN tickets at no extra cost.