Park Güell Barcelona

Park Güell Barcelona

Things You Should Know About Park Güell Before Visiting Barcelona


What's the Park Güell?  

Park Güell is a public park and one of the most popular landmarks in Barcelona.

The park was designed by Antoni Gaudí and commissioned by Eusebi Güell.

Eusebi Güell was a catalan business man who wanted to built a residential area for wealthy families in the mountain where the park is built nowadays. The project started in 1900, but finished unsuccessfully in 1914, since it didn’t attract buyers. Only two houses out of the sixty were built, neither of them designed by Gaudi, who was working on the design of the outdoor area, which is now know as the park.

During the work period, a show house was built to encourage sales. This is know nowadays as Gaudi House Museum, since Antoni Gaudi moved there in 1906 to live with his father and niece. As a fun fact, the show house was not designed by Antoni Gaudi, but by his assistant, Francesc Berenguer.

In 1907, Eusebi Guell decided to refurbish an old house that was already there when he bought the lands and converted to his main residence. 

Once the project was abandoned on 1914, the space became a private garden which Eusebi Güell used to offer for public events. Four years after (1918) Eusebi Güell died and his family decided to sell the space to the Barcelona city council.

In 1926, it was officially opened as public park, and the house were Eusebi Güell used to live became a public school which is still operating.

In 1984, UNESCO declared the park as World Heritage Site.

Do I need a ticket to visit the Park Güell?

You only need to buy a ticket to visit the monumental area. This area is only 5% of the park but it is the main attraction since it contains all the architectural elements.

The rest of the park hasn’t got much more to see, but it’s still interesting to visit since you will get nice views of Barcelona and you will get to see the monumental area from far.

The monumental area includes: Casa del Guarda (designed by Gaudí as a house for the Park Güell gatekeeper), the Concierge’s pavilion, the Dragon staircase, Austria Gardens, the Hypostyle Room, the Portico of the Washerwoman and Plaça de la Natura. 

What to see in barcelona -Parc Guell views-

How much does it cost to visit the Monumental Area of Park Güell?

The adult ticket is 10€ and it’s free for kids from 0 to 6 years (all tickets must be shown, including tickets free of charge).


Compare options at Park Güell Official website.

Park Güell for free?

Yes. The monumental area can also be visited for free outside of the regulated hours, so before or after the last visit. However, the daylight may not be the best to take pictures and the artificial lighting will be off.

The best option to visit the monumental area for free is to get there before the first visit starts or wait until the last visit finishes. Keep in mind the park is quite big, and 95% of the area is free of charge, so if you decide to go there early morning, go straight to the monumental area, you will have plenty of time later to explore the rest of the park. You can also decide to do it in the other way around, go there in the evening to explore the free part of the park and wait for the last visit to finish to get into the monumental area.

There are other ways to get in for free.

  • In summer (Abril to October) the park is free from 5 to 8 pm every sunday.
  • In winter (Nov- March) the park offers some free tickets for the first sunday of each month. However there are limited tickets and you may need to queue for long and don’t get any ticket at the end.
  • Free to visit on 23 April (Sant Jordi), 18 May, 24 September.

Last but not least, you can access the monumental area of Park Güell every day at no cost buy being member of Gaudir Més. For this, you need to request an appointment at the Barcelona City Council, where they will take your fingerprint and personal details. After seven days, you will be able to visit Park Güell for free anytime you want. This is definitely the best option if you live in Barcelona or planning to stay there for long.

Park Güell opening hours

The opening time for the monumental area changes depending on the season due to the daylight hours, for example, from April to August is from 07:30 a.m. to 20:30 p.m.

See any updates at Park Güell official website.

How long does it take to visit the Monumetal Area of Park Güell??

The average time to visit the monumental zone is 60 minutes.

Make sure you are at the entry point on the time-slot selected. The ticket will be valid only for 30 minutes after the time showed on your ticket. Once you are inside the monumental area you can take as long as you like, but if you go out you won’t be able to get in again.

What’s the famous lizard on the Park Güell?

The monumental area includes one of the most popular monuments in Barcelona, “el drac” (the dragon), which everyone knows as Gaudi’s Lizard. This monument works as a fountain and represents three repeated topics on Gaudi’s work: nature, catalonia and religion.

The nature is represented by the lizard, a very common animal in mediterranean countries, while the symbolisation of a dragon represent the legend of Saint George (Sant Jordi) patron saint of Catalonia. The religious sign is present on the sword, which is shaped like a cross.

Is Park Güell worth to visit?t

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Yes! It’s one of the best places to take pictures of Barcelona. Try to get the first spot in the morning to visit the monumental area if you want to take pictures without having a lot of people around.

How to get to the Park Güell?

The park is located in a hill, a bit far from the city centre. The way to the park is quite steep, although you can get there by taxi or other forms of  transport: 

  • By tube: Linea 3 (Green line), stop at Lesseps or Vallcarca and walk  ~20 minutes to get to the entrance of the park.
  • By Bus Güell:  The bus return trip is included when buying the tickets to access the monumental area online. The bus takes only 15 minutes and departs from the Alfons X tube station (L4, yellow line).

Is there anything around the Park Güell to visit?t

This museum is inside of the park Guell, located in the free open area.The building used to be Gaudi’s house from 1906 to 1925, and nowadays it’s used to explain his work and life.

The ticket to access the Parc Guell monumental area doesn’t include the entrance to this museum, however the single ticket costs around 5€ and can be bought there or as pack when buying the Sagrada Familia tickets.

It’s not as popular as the rest of monuments, so you should be OK to buy the tickets there, but you can also buy it online in advance.

Few minutes walking from the park, there is a multimedia center that projects a 4D movie with special effects about Gaudi’s work. The movie lasts around 20 minutes and it takes you through the most famous monuments of Gaudi.

It’s a very good option when travelling with kids or even for adults that need a break from museums and monuments. Tickets can be bought online at the Gaudiexperiencia official website.