Camp Nou – Barça Stadium

Camp Nou - Barça Stadium

Things You Should Know About Camp Nou (The Barça Stadium) Before Visiting Barcelona

One of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona is the Barcelona football club stadium, also called Barça Stadium or Camp Nou.

The stadium was build in 1957 and it’s the largest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of 99,354 seats, followed by the Wembley Stadium, which has 90,000 seats. This makes the Barcelona stadium the third-largest football stadium in the world.

Big Barça supporter? The Barça stadium is one of the main attractions in the city and it has its own museum. If you are a big football fan or a Barça supporter, make sure to tick this off of your list when visiting Barcelona.


Thinking to watch a match?

There are different prices depending on the match category. 

  • La Liga: the cheapest ticket 40€, average 70€ and the most expensive 400€
  • Champions: the cheapest ticket 85€, average 110€ and the most expensive 300€
  • Clasico madrid between 96€- 410€

Check out any upcoming match at the official website. Buy your tickets online to save time and money.

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What does it mean Més que un club?

The Barcelona football club slogan ‘Mes que un club, means ‘More than a club’ in catalan (the local language), meaning that supporting Barça goes beyond than supporting a football club, as it is a stronger feeling.

The FC Barcelona Anthem

Get ready to cheer your team to victory! Learn the Barca anthem:

Tot el camp / The whole stadium

És un clam / loudly cheers
Som la gent blaugrana / We’re the blue and claret supporters
Tant se val d’on venim / It matters not where we hail from 
Si del sud o del nord / Whether it’s the south or the north
Ara estem d’acord / Now we all agree
Estem d’acord / We all agree
Una bandera ens agermana / One flag unites us in brotherhood. 

Blaugrana al vent / Blue and claret blowing in the wind
Un crit valent / A brave cry
Tenim un nom el sap tothom / We’ve got a name that everyone knows: 
BARÇA BARÇA BAAAAARÇA! /Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

Jugadors / Players
Seguidors / Supporters
Tots units fem força / United we are strong.
Són molts anys plens d’afanys / We’ve achieved much over the years,
Són molts gols que hem cridat / We’ve shouted many goals
I s’ha demostrat s’ha demostrat / And we have shown, we have shown
Que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer / That no one can ever break us.

Blaugrana al vent / Blue and claret blowing in the wind
Un crit valent / A brave cry
Tenim un nom el sap tothom / We’ve got a name that everyone knows:
BARÇA BARÇA BAAAAARÇA! / Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

👉 Listen at the song while you learn the lyrics!


How to get to the Barça Stadium?

The stadium is located in the Barcelona district Les Corts. The closest tube stops to the stadium are: